Using carefully selected ingredients, we at the Healthy Cake Company produce healthy plain cakesiced cakes and celebration gluten-free cakes and dairy-free cakes as standard with the options of egg-free, vegan and no-added sugar that can find a place in a healthy diet without overloading it with calories or sacrificing nutritional balance.

The Best Ingredients

The majority of our ingredients are organic and unrefined. We use no artificial additives. We use our own mix of wheat/gluten-free flour, blending brown rice flour with a little potato and tapioca flour to get a smooth mix. We use no hydrogenated fats, we use sunflower oil, vegan spread or extra virgin olive oil. Where recipes call for citrus juice, grated citrus zest or shredded vegetables we use the best organic produce we can find: unwaxed oranges and lemons and organic vegetables. All our flavours are natural. We use Plamil organic, fairtrade vegan chocolate (71% cocoa solids) organic, fairtrade cocoa and organic free-range eggs. We always use unrefined sugar and we buy fairtrade products in preference where they are available.


All our recipes have special diet options. All our healthy cakes are gluten-free, wheat-free and dairy-free as standard but we can substitute ingredients on request e.g. our cakes contain soya milk but we can use rice milk if you prefer. We can cater for most other special diets including egg-free, vegan and no-added sugar. We replace sugar with Xylitol and/or agave, rice or date syrup, but will use any preferred substitute. Email us with your own enquiry.


Our vegan cakes are rich and moist. We don’t use any egg substitutes – we just balance the ingredients carefully. We can make vegan versions of all our cakes. Email us with your own enquiry.

Special Events

We are happy to quote for children’s parties or special events – a healthier option doesn’t have to mean bland or boring! Furthermore, we can make traditional cakes with healthier ingredients, and can provide gluten free birthday cakes, dairy free birthday cakes and other celebration cakes to those with common dietary restrictions.